God’s Son has Authority

Leading up to Sunday, January 10th

, Mark is writing to provide proofs that Jesus is the Son of God. It would seem likely that if God were to send His Son into the world, He would also give Him authority to carry out matters on His behalf. 

BIBLE READINGS – Here is the passage to read:

Mark 1:21-45

Here are some questions to consider and discuss:

In verses 21-22, Jesus entered the synagogue and began to teach.

  1. What was it that amazed the people?
  2. What do you think it means when Mark says there was a difference between the teaching of Jesus and the teachers of the law?
  3. In your own words, describe how a teacher sounds if he has authority?

In verses 23-26, Jesus’ teaching is interrupted.

  1. What interrupted Jesus’ teaching?
  2. Would you be shocked to see a demon-possessed man interrupt your pastor’s preaching?
  3. When the demon responds, what does the use of the third-person pronoun “us” indicate?
  4. Did the demons know who Jesus was? If so, how do you know?
  5. What authority did the demons already know Jesus possessed?
  6. How did the demons respond to Jesus’ commands?
  7. What does this tell us about Jesus’ authority?

In verses 29-34, Jesus heals Mary and then He heals many people, of sickness and of demons.

  1. What proof is there that Mary was sick? What proof is there that Mary was truly healed by Jesus?
  2. Why do you suppose the whole town gathered at the door of the house where Jesus was?
  3. In verse 34, we read Jesus would He not let the demons speak? Why?

In verses 40-45, Jesus heals a man with a skin disease.

  1. What do you know about leprosy and the people who had the disease? 
  2. What exactly did the leper ask Jesus to do for Him? 
  3. Jesus was filled with compassion, what is compassion? How do you see Jesus being compassionate here?
  4. Jesus said, “I am willing, be clean!” What happened next? when did it happen?
  5. How is this encounter between the leper and Jesus similar to the encounter each of us must have with Jesus for salvation?

Which of these events stands out to you and why?

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