Timothy Jensen

Pivoting Toward the Cross

, leading up to Sunday, March 21st Jesus has shown many signs to the disciples, leading them to realize who He is. Peter has just said confirmed his faith by declaring, Jesus, “You are the Messiah!” Now, everything pivots in the storyline! Now that they realize who He is, Jesus begins to teach them about […]

Lessons about Faith

, leading up to Sunday, March 14 The Gospel of Mark continues providing quick hits, story after story, after story about Jesus. In chapter 8:1-26, Mark records four stories meant to lead people to faith while continuing to show compassion. Bible Reading: Mark 8:1-26 Consider and discuss these questions: Great teachers use repetition. Since Jesus […]

Dealing with Unbelief – Pt 1

Leading up Sunday, February 21st , Mark’s gospel moves from recording four definitive victories of Jesus to the one thing He cannot overcome: unbelief. Many people were amazed, even astonished at the words and works of Jesus, however, there were those who never moved from having their attention captured to have their hearts filled with […]

Jesus is the Victor!

Leading up to Sunday, February 14th , In this week’s reading, Mark records four events where danger, demons, and disease are front and center in the lives of people. How Jesus handles these events continues to reveal He is the Son of God. Can Jesus have victor over these three? Bible Reading: Mark 4:35-5:34 Consider […]

Parables and Their Purpose

– Leading up to Sunday, February, 7th. Mark introduces us to a new word in chapter three, verse 23: parables. Parables were powerful teaching tools in the hands of Jesu, the Master teacher. Though these stories are about everyday things, they pierce our hearts with spiritual truths. This week’s reading contains four parables in a […]

Jesus is the Lord

Faith@Home Leading up to Sunday, January 24th , As Mark writes to show us the person and ministry of Jesus, we see Him facing questions and opposition from the religious leaders of the day, the Pharisees. This week’s Bible reading, contemplation, and questions are focused on the second half of chapter two and the first […]