The Beginning of Mark’s Gospel

Leading up to Sunday, January 3rd

, In order to build our faith at home and as a group of believers each Sunday, the following synopsis, Bible reading, and questions have been prepared. Each family unit (individuals, couples, families with children) are encouraged to use the information below ahead of the Sunday service.

SYNOPSIS – Mark wrote this book to convince Gentiles and Romans (the non-Jewish people) that Jesus is the Son of God. Through this persuasion, his goal is that they too would believe in the Lord Jesus and be saved. If Jesus is not the Son of God, we have no reason to listen to Him, believe in Him, nor commit ourselves to follow Him. But, if Jesus is the Son of God, then like the hymn writer says, He has every right to demand, “my soul, my life, my all.”

BIBLE READINGS – Here is the passage to read:

Mark 1:1-11

Here are a few questions to consider and discuss:

Verse 1

  1. Jesus is His name, and Mark aligns Jesus with two titles in the first verse of his book. 
  2. What are those two titles mentioned in verse 1 and what do they mean? 
  3. Why do you think these titles are important as they relate to Jesus?

Verses 2-8

Mark begins to tell of the life and ministry of Jesus by introducing John the Baptist.

  1. What is the significance of Mark quoting from the Prophet Isaiah and relating it to John?
  2. What do you believe John’s purpose was, according to the text?
  3. Why was John given the title “the Baptist”?
  4. In verse 4, two words are linked together, repentance and forgiveness. How would you define these words and why do you think they are linked together? 
  5. Furthermore, is it baptism or repentance that leads to forgiveness of sin and salvation?

Verses 9-11

Mark shares the fact that Jesus was baptized by John, however, he leaves out a number of facts about the baptism the other gospel writers included in their account. It seems the reason for this is that those facts aren’t directly related to Mark’s purpose for writing, which is again stated in verse 11. 

  1. When God the Father spoke from heaven as Jesus came up out of the baptismal waters, what title did He title He used with Jesus’ name?
  2. Why is it important to the reader to see God the Father identifying Jesus as His Son?

Sunday morning we kick off the new sermon series, Hitting the Mark with Jesus. Your time reading, considering, and discussing these things will serve as great preparation for God’s movement among us. See you then!

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