There is One Hope
for Mobile & the World!

Bringing Generations Together & Christ to Every Generation



15021 Starlight Avenue, Wilmer, AL 36587


We embrace the Biblical model of multigenerational interaction in worship, fellowship, and service.


Being relationally connected
to God and each other is a central focus in everything we do.


We teach the Bible, straight up,
as is, and without apology.
God speaks, we respond.


The goal is to grow in maturity to become like Jesus, so we can live for Him and lead others to Him.


We keep all four generations together for worship; from the nursing infant to our oldest member.

The children are intentionally engaged during the service to make them feel included. They learn about worshipping God in a community from the example of their parents and other members. Object lessons, unique stories, and activity pages directly related to the message help focus their attention and funnel their energy. Parents find this unique approach refreshing and family-building, while the older members find joy in having the children engaged and the families worshipping together.

“It was important to find a family integrated church where the Bible is preached verse-by-verse.”

Greg White


The world glorifies youth but the Bible says wisdom and understanding are come with long life and that old age is a gift from God.

While most of society segregates people by age, we find tremendous value in having multigenerational interaction, so that children and young adults benefit from the counsel and example of our older members.

Whether it’s singing the songs they enjoy, listening to their stories of God’s faithfulness, or caring for them in practical ways, God is pleased as we honor those who have lived and walked with God longer than we have.

“I like having the children in the services and watching them connect with God and the people around them.”

Shirley Haynes


Faith @ Home is a church-wide strategy of One Hope Mobile to help individuals, couples, and families with children build their faith during the week.

Our pastor provides Bible passages and a handful of questions each week for reading, contemplation, discussion, and application. These things align with the message for the upcoming Sunday to affirm and expand upon what has been done at home during the week.

With everyone in the church participating, a special unity forms as we grow in the same direction. Sundays become the highpoint of the week as everyone gathers to go deeper and share life together. Plus, this strategy allows new members to easily assimilate into a pattern of discipleship and gain a sense of belonging from the moment they arrive.

“If we fail to make much of Christ at home, what we make of Him in the church will have little effect on our marriages, our children, and our witness to the world.”

Timothy Jensen, Pastor


God created us for relationships.

We maintain a priority of building three key relationships; a relationhsip with God, relationships with other believers, and relationships with those who have yet to believe in Jesus.

Knowing about God is not enough for us; we want to know God personally and walk in relationship with Him. Knowing we are in the family of God is good, but we want to be together and share in the life Christ has given us. Wanting everyone to have a relationship with God, we build relationships with those who have yet to believe and share the one hope we have: Jesus. 

“The focus on building relationships is authentic; these people truly want to know God and they care about others.”

Janet Riva

Online Giving

Offerings support the church and its work in several ways.

  • Church Facilities – the space where we gather, the utilities, and maintenance supplies.
  • Missions – the gospel is spread here in Mobile County, throughout the State of Alabama, the United States, and the world.
  • Staff – supporting our pastor and he feeds and leads us.
  • Benevolence – meeting the needs of others
  • Supplies – paper products, office materials, and more.
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Three strategic partnerships amplify the message of Jesus throughout Mobile, Alabama, and the World!