What to Expect

Expect to be
Warmly Welcomed!

We are building a church that is relationally-connected, so you can expect to be warmly welcomed. This goes beyond the typical, “we are glad you are here.” When we welcome you, we are inviting you to join us as we walk in relationship with God and with one another.

We are building a Multigene-Relational church, where every generation is not only on the premises but is engaged in relationship across the generations. We embrace the Biblical model of multigenerational interaction in worship, fellowship, and service. 

Expect to meet and connect with people young and old. Parents, expect your children to have opoortuinites to be engaged in the worship services with object lessons, activity pages, and interaction (we help funnel their attention and energies).

Expect Multigenerational Interaction

What to Wear

You can expect to see people from different generations dress differently. Some will be comfortable in dress pants and a sport coat. Others will wear blue jeans and a t-shirt. Some ladies prefer dresses while others prefer pants a comfortable top.

We are more concerned with what is inside you than what you are wearing. Modesty is appreciated.

Building a multigenerational church requires a blend of music. We sing traditional hymns as well as contemporary songs using both live music and piped in videos.

Each generation tends to have a preference in connecting with God in worship music, and we show value to one another as we include options for most everyone present.

Expect a Blend of Worship Music