Jesus Heals to Prove Something

leading up to Sunday, January 17

, The gospel writer Mark is writing to a non-Jewish audience. He wanted the Romans as well as others all to come to know and trust in Jesus. To do this, he wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to provide the words and actions of Jesus that prove Jesus is the Son of God. 

This week’s passage focuses on one event rather than a few, giving us the opportunity to dig a little deeper and think a little longer about the importance of the encounter Jesus has with a paralytic and his friends.

Some were amazed, others questioned, but one availed himself to Jesus. This study gives cause to wonder, but make no mistake, it is not enough to wonder at the person and ministry of Jesus. The salvation He promises and the transformation He alone can bring are only available to those who come to Him in faith & trust.

Bible Readings: 

First, read Mark chapter 1 and identify each action event that has recorded.

Then, read Mark 2:1-12.

Consider and discuss these questions:

  1. In verses 1-2, Jesus had come back to His home in Capernaum. How did the people find out Jesus was back in town? What was their response?
  2. When the crowds of people filled the house, what did Jesus do? In chapter 1 verse 38, Jesus told the disciples why He must do this. Read Isaiah 61:1 and see what the Prophet said about Jesus and His purpose for coming. Was Jesus doing what He had come to do?
  3. In verses 4-5, four men came to see Jesus, why? What did Jesus notice about these men? What were these men hoping Jesus would do for the paralytic? Instead, of healing him at this point, what did Jesus say?
  4. In verses 6-8, Mark records that Jesus once again proved Himself to be the Son of God. What do you think this proof is in these verses? Read Psalm 139:1-6. How does this relate to what Jesus did?
  5. In verses 9-12, Jesus heals the paralytic, but that is not the main point. Jesus had already revealed He had power to heal sickness and disease in chapter 1. What do you think Jesus healed the man (the answer is in verse 10)? 
  6. Lastly, did Jesus answer the religious leader’s question, “Who can forgive sins but God?” Did Jesus prove Himself to be God? What does this mean for you and for others?

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