Pivoting Toward the Cross

, leading up to Sunday, March 21st

Jesus has shown many signs to the disciples, leading them to realize who He is. Peter has just said confirmed his faith by declaring, Jesus, “You are the Messiah!” Now, everything pivots in the storyline! Now that they realize who He is, Jesus begins to teach them about His upcoming suffering and death and what it will mean to follow Him.

Bible Reading: Mark 8:31-38

Consider and discuss these questions:

  1. In verse 31, Jesus says a mouthful! To this point, Jesus had not spoken about His own impending suffering. What do you think the disciples were thinking/feeling when they heard this? Three groups of people are noted as rejecting Jesus; who are those groups of people? What would the result of their combined rejection be? 
    1. When leaders are wrong, how does this impact the people they lead?
    2. What can people do to ensure they aren’t misled by others?
  2. In the last part of verse 31, after Jesus tells His disciples He will be killed, what does He tell them will happen next? What exactly was Jesus saying? Do you think the disciples understood? How are we able to understand now better than they were able to then?
  3. In your own words, retell what happens in verses 32-33. What emotions do you think Peter was feeling that would cause him to rebuke Jesus? What do you think Peter was thinking and feeling after Jesus rebuked him? Jesus rebuked Peter, but He said, “Get behind Me Satan!” Was Peter Satan in the flesh? Was Satan using Peter or did Peter have no idea his plan to stop the death of Jesus was aligned with Satan’s plan and not God’s?
    1. Can we be like Peter was in verse 32? How so?
    2. Can we be like Peter was in verse 33? How so?
  4. Jesus’ last statement makes it clear there is a difference between the things of God and the things of man. How might we know the things of God? How can we keep our minds on these things? 

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