Lessons about Faith

, leading up to Sunday, March 14

The Gospel of Mark continues providing quick hits, story after story, after story about Jesus. In chapter 8:1-26, Mark records four stories meant to lead people to faith while continuing to show compassion.

Bible Reading: Mark 8:1-26

Consider and discuss these questions:

  1. Great teachers use repetition. Since Jesus was the greatest teacher, it makes sense that He would repeat certain teachings, but here Mark records Jesus repeating a miracle. Compare Mark 6:34-44 to Mark 8:1-10. What similarities do you see in these two events? Why do you think Jesus repeated this miracle? 
  2. In verses 11-13, the Pharisees ask for something. What did they ask for? What is a “sign”? Do you think they would have believed and began to follow Jesus had He showed them a sign? Had there been signs given before? If so, can you name one? Why do you think Jesus said He would not give them a sign?
  3. In verses 14-21, something almost comical is happening among the disciples. What was their problem and why is this almost funny? When Jesus breaks into the conversation, how does He begin to help them understand? What do you think Jesus wanted the disciples to know and believe about Him as it relates to these miraculous feedings? How would this solve their problem? What should this teach us about trusting God for our needs?
  4. In verses 22-26, Jesus does something He has done previously, heal a man. In your own words, tell this brief story and include details from the verses. What similarities do you see in this healing and the previous healings Jesus has done? What differences do you see? Mark was writing to convince the Greeks (non-Jewish people) that Jesus is the Son of God. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Mark recorded the issue with the disciples having no bread (and no faith) and then immediately recorded the healing of the blind man by Jesus. What do you think He was trying to get the readers to see about Jesus?

Bonus Material: In chapter 6 and in chapter 8, Mark notes Jesus’ compassion. Look at this week’s passage again and note each instance of Jesus’ compassion.

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