Jesus is the Victor!

Leading up to Sunday, February 14th

, In this week’s reading, Mark records four events where danger, demons, and disease are front and center in the lives of people. How Jesus handles these events continues to reveal He is the Son of God. Can Jesus have victor over these three?

Bible Reading: Mark 4:35-5:34

Consider and discuss these questions:

  1. In 4:35-41, what is the danger the Apostles are faced with? Was the danger actual and real or was it simply felt and perceived? Would you have been scared, too? What is the question His disciples ask when they awaken Jesus? What is it they are doubting? How can our experiences with danger cause us to doubt God’s concern for our welfare? How did Jesus respond to them? What does this teach us about Jesus and danger?
  2. In 5:1-20, what dangers are present in this story as Jesus steps off the boat? Are you thinking first about the disciples or the demon-possessed man? Retell this story in your own words. Verse 13 is of special interest; what did Jesus do? What does this prove about Jesus and demons? The healed man wanted to go with Jesus, but He would not allow it. What did He tell him to do, instead? Does this align with what Jesus was teaching His disciples to do through the parables He had just taught in Mark 4? 
  3. In 5:21-43, what are the diseases/illnesses presented? What would have made it hard for Jairus to come to Jesus for help? What did Jairus ask Jesus to do? How does Mark describe the way Jairus asked Jesus to go and heal his daughter (verse 23)? In your own words, explain what “implored Him earnestly” means. Describe the difficulties and disease this woman had. When she pushed in and touched Jesus’ robe, what happened? How did Jesus respond? Why were the disciples seemingly disrespectful to Jesus in answering His question? What is right about the woman’s response in verse 33? What was happening when Jesus and Jairus arrived at the house? In verse 36, what does Jesus tell Jairus after he hears his daughter is dead? Read verses 39-40 again and share why you think the people laughed at Jesus. What did Jesus do to prove He is the Son of God? 

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