Dealing with Unbelief – Pt 1

Leading up Sunday, February 21st

, Mark’s gospel moves from recording four definitive victories of Jesus to the one thing He cannot overcome: unbelief. Many people were amazed, even astonished at the words and works of Jesus, however, there were those who never moved from having their attention captured to have their hearts filled with belief in the Son of God.

Bible Reading: Mark 6:1-6, Luke 7:1-10

Consider and discuss these questions:

  1. In 6:1-5, Jesus returns to His hometown; this is where He grew up. What are the two things the people recognized about Jesus? (verse 1-2) What was the stumbling block for them, as evidenced by their questions (verse 3) What do you think it means that “they took offense with Him?” How did Jesus respond to their “offense” with Him? Take a few moments and think about the humanity of Jesus. How do you think it made Him feel? The result of the people’s unbelief had consequences; what does verse 5 tell us was the result of their lack of faith in Jesus?  
  2. Read verse 6 again. Read it once more. Up to this point in Mark’s gospel, who is it that has been amazed? What are some of the things they have been amazed at and who have they been amazed by? According to verse 6, who is the one that is now amazed? What is it that has Jesus amazed? Is this a good amazement or a bad one? What do you think we can learn from this about faith? 
  3. The Bible records that Jesus was amazed twice. The first is in the passage we just read and discussed. Now, read Luke 7:1-10. How is this story similar to the one in Mark 6:1-6? How is this story different than the story in Mark 6:1-6? Specifically, what was it that amazed Jesus in Luke chapter 7? What do you think the crowd thought when Jesus told them He had not found faith like this in all of Israel? What do you think we can learn from this about faith?

Sunday’s Sermon will cover Mark 6:1-29, so we encourage you to read all these verses before the service.

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