Selection. Division. Inclusion.


Leading up to Sunday, January 31st

, Jesus is on a mission to preach the good news of God’s kingdom and call all men everywhere to repent. Crowds are flocking to Him but in chapter 3 Jesus called 12 of them into a specific role—to be his Apostles. These 12 would join Jesus in accomplishing His mission. It is important to understand this reason for their selection.

As they begin to walk with Jesus in this new role, the religious leaders are also tracking Jesus, but they are following Him for a different reason than the Apostles or the crowds. It is also important to understand their reason for following Him.

In the midst of this narrative, Jesus’ earthly family comes on the scene. They have heard what is going on with Jesus and they have very different thoughts about Him than does the crowds, the Apostles, and the religious leaders. In this scenario, Jesus brings the eternal into view by including a select group of people into His family. This inclusiveness is of special interest. 

Bible Reading: 

Mark 3:13-35

Consider and discuss these questions:

  1. In verses 13-19, Jesus singled out twelve men to be Apostles, and Mark notes the 3 things Jesus was calling these me to do. What were those 3 things? How do you think these 3 are related?
  2. In verses 20-30, Jesus the teachers of the law make an accusation about Jesus. What was their claim about Jesus’ power? In your own words, restate what Jesus said in response to their claim. Of note, Jesus speaks of the many sins that will be forgiven and the one sin that will never be forgiven. What is the unpardonable sin? How would you state it another way? Now, name some sins people commit that will be forgiven
  3. In verses 20-21, Jesus’ family hears about what is happening. What did they think about Jesus? What did they set out to do? In verses 31-35, Jesus’ family arrives at the house where Jesus is but cannot get inside. What did they do? What had they come to do (verse 21)? Did they take charge of Him? After hearing the message that His family was outside and looking for Him, what did Jesus say? Who now would be His spiritual family?

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